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Internet of BioNano Things for Health and Care

Due to increasing aging population as well as the number of people suffering from chronic diseases the cost for healthcare services are increasing and putting enormous strain on the national economy.

Wireless sensor technology in combination with the Internet can provide important technical solutions for remote diagnosis and health status monitoring. In this talk we will show by combining synthetic biology, nanotechnologies and electronics, a new complementary nanoscale device technology can be developed for applications like targeted drug delivery, brain-machine interface, Alzheimer’s disease control, etc.

Ilangko Balasingham

Professor og gruppeleder, Oslo universitetssykehus, Rikshospitalet, Intervensjonssenteret

Ilangko Balasingham_2016

Ilangko received the Ph.D. degree from the Department of  Electronics and Telecommunications NTNU in 1998. From 1998 to 2002, he worked as a Research Scientist developing image and video streaming solutions for mobile handheld devices at Fast Search & Transfer ASA, Oslo. Since 2002 he has been with the Intervention Center, Oslo University Hospital, where he heads the Wireless Sensor Network Research Group. He was appointed as a Professor in Signal Processing in Medical Applications at NTNU in 2006. 

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