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Technology Trends in Global Healthcare

Global Healthcare industry is at a pivotal point today, of shedding its entrenched practices and moving towards adoption of technology as never seen before. The need of delivering personalized/precision care and accessibility to Wearable devices, mobile medical devices, IoT platforms are some of key factors that is fuelling this transformation. Digitalization of Healthcare has thus become a key focus across consumers, delivery systems and insurers/governments.

Norwegian Health & Care Organization as part of its overall strategy has been focusing to build a «Personal Connected Health & Care Ecosystem«. The implementation of Coordination Reform combined with adoption of Healthcare Digitalization is leading to the need of having IT tools that facilitates aggregating, sharing, enhancing patient data.

Sharath K. Hiriyanna

Enterprise Architect – Insurance and Healthcare, EVRY India

Sharath K Hiriyanna - 2016

Sharath K. Hiriyanna is an Enterprise Architect working in EVRY India since 15 years, having experience in various roles. He is passionate about healthcare product development and has led teams in designing and implementing the large-scale web applications necessary to connect patients with care team. He has international work experience in executing niche technology projects for US, Norway and Sweden markets. He holds Bachelor’s degree in Electronics from Mysore University, India

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