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This September, we’re looking forward to welcoming our community of data professionals back to Make Data-Smart. You’ll meet your peers to be inspired by, learn from, share, and celebrate the latest trends and technologies that are influencing the future of data.

At MDS 2022, you’ll hear innovative approaches the world’s leading companies are taking to solve current key challenges in data as well as in businesses. Whether your interests lie in the technical possibilities and challenges of new and emerging technologies or using Big Data for business intelligence, analytics, and other business strategies, Make Data Smart 2022 has something for you!

4 parallel tracks:

MAKE: Make Better Decisions and Realize Values
While data and analytics functions have always been crucial to firms, they today have a prominent position as essential to corporate strategy.
This track explores how different industries are incorporating data strategy as their business strategy.

DATA: Data, Data Everywhere Bring Them All Together
Data is more than machine learning. Security, Data Privacy and Sustainability are burning issues of today. It is more critical than ever for an organization to know where its data is coming from and where it resides, is processed and presented. This track showcases how various organizations embed security and governance in their DNA.

SMART: Smart Data for Unleashing Innovatio
Smartness is relative and changes with time and circumstances – and so does the concept of “smart data”. What was smart yesterday is of less relevance today. This track spotlights what different organizations and initiatives are doing to keep their data “smart”. What are their strategies and tools, and who are their allies; what skill sets do they impose?

Data Architecture: Enjoy the Freedom and Choice of the market’s pick-and-mix solutions.
Success depends on your ability to architect the ideal products and solutions to meet your business strategy. This track offers actionable insights into best practices and approaches for your data solutions, whether you want to optimize the benefits of single or hybrid solutions.

You will leave Make Data Smart 2022 with a bigger network of friends and business allies, and actionable advice and strategies for moving your people, processes and technologies forward to a data-driven world.


Who will you meet?

• Chief Information Officers
• Database Administrators
• Chief Data Officers
• Software Developers
• IT Directors and Developers
• Data Architects
• Data Governance Officers
• Technology Specialists
• Data Analysts
• Data Engineers
• Data Scientists
• AI/ML Engineers
• Project Managers
• Business Directors and Managers
+ many more

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