Time: 29 April 2020 Location: Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Oslo Deadline for CFP: 12 January.

The deadline for submitting proposals was January 12 and is now only open to proposals from those who wish to become partners. Read more.

Now is your opportunity to show others what you are proud of.

Do you have a story to tell, a demo you want to show, or maybe a hobby or job project you want to brag about?

Are you a little annoyed that your competitor always shines in the spotlight? Now you can finally tell your story. Do you wish to impress potential employees or customers? At the conference you will meet many of those who are looking for new opportunities.

We want your story!

We would love to hear from you! At Make Data Smart 2020 you will be listened to.

Could you tell us about your experiences, plans or input on one of these topics?

  • BI and Analytics and insights with practical experiences
  • New business models, digital transformation, innovation
  • Architecture and platforms
  • AI, machine learning, IOT and advanced analysis
  • Human beings, culture and organisation
  • Data Governance, privacy, Data management, My Data, ethics and politics


Do you have anything else you feel would fit our audience?

Make Data Smart is supposed to be fun, so we would like the presentations to be catchy and look at things from a new angle.


To make a good presentation, you need to keep this in mind:

  • The lecture must last no longer than 30 minutes, included 5 minutes for Q&A. If your lecture is shorter, please let us know
  • Interaction with other speakers
  • Maximum 2 speakers on the stage at the same time
  • The lecture must be in Norwegian or English
  • All technical tools are permitted. If you have something that requires extra effort to set up, please inform us as soon as possible
  • Multimedia works fine! 

If you have any questions about the process, please contact Signe@dnd.no. If you are not quite sure about what to present, please submit anyway, and specify this.

Deadline for submission is 12 January.

Call for speakers


  • Velg en kort og presis tittel som sier noe om innholdet, men også får tilhøreren til å ville gå på ditt foredrag. Pick a brief and precise title that describes the content, and that makes people want to listen to your lecture
  • Denne beskrivelsen trenger ikke være lang – du velger selv hvordan du vil selge inn sesjonen din til deltakerne! The description does not have to be long, you decide how you wish to "sell" your lecture
  • Feks: #BI, Analytics, Data Science, Big Data, IoT, Machine Learning ....
  • Feks: Sjefen, arktitekten, utvikleren, prosjektlederen eller passer det for alle? The boss, the architect, the developer, the project manager.. or is it suitable for all?
  • Hvilken beskrivelse av deg som foredragsholder ønsker du skal bli gjengitt i programmet?/What information about yourself would you like to be shown in the programme?
  • Denne teksten vil kun bli brukt av programkomiteen for å vurdere ditt foredrag. Inkluder gjerne en mer detaljert beskrivelse av foredraget eller om deg selv. Legg gjerne ved linker til video av deg selv som holder foredrag eller annen informasjon som kan hjelpe programkomiteen å vurdere ditt foredrag./This text will only be used by the programme committee to evaluate your lecture. Please include a more detailed description of the lecture or about yourself. Feel free to include video links of yourself giving lectures, or other information that can help the programme committee evaluate your lecture.
  • Fornavn og etternavnFirst name and surname
  • Din tittel og arbeidssted/Your title and company name
  • Link til bilde av deg for bruk i program og nettside. Du kan laste opp et bilde til http://imgur.com og angi link. Eventuelt at vi bruker bilde du har på LinkedIn./Include a photo of yourself for use in the programme and on the conference website.