Building a kingdom for our data

DNB is building a cutting edge kingdom in the cloud to make our data reveal its deepest secrets to the benefit of our customers and ourselves. People, algorithms and data looking for the coolest place to live right now should drop by!

Data needs to feel at home. This is a place where they meet relatives and forge new friendships. A place that has room for everyone regardless of background. A place that misses them when they are late and depend on them to thrive.

The kingdom has common policies for everyone to feel safe and secure. All citizens are entered in the kingdom’s master registry, and they have access to social services to ensure they remain healthy.

Creativity and storytelling features are at the heart of the kingdom. Students may randomly walk a forest with their tutors, or they may cluster together to tell new stories free of their tutors. Citizens constantly reinforce their learnings, and often dig deep to reveal new nuggets of knowledge.

Hvem passer foredraget for: Teknisk: 50%. Ledelse: 50%.