Jennifer Vessels

Jennifer Vessels

CEO, Next Step

Jennifer Vessels inspires audiences to innovate and take action to transform their approach and business for success in the digital future. Prior to founding Next Step in Silicon Valley, Jennifer led Tandberg’s European growth and US launch. Since 2000, Next Step has been instrumental in scaling AirBnB, Cisco, Google, NetFlix and many European companies as well as leading digital transformation for Adobe, Autodesk and Live Nation. Jennifer is committed to making a difference – bridging the gap between Silicon Valley and Norway business cultures. Join her lecture to gain practical, proven techniques and inspiration to take action for success in digital future.

Disrupting Tradition – Proven Keys for Digital Transformation and Innovation

Accelerating speed of technological advancement, societal change and growth of global competition has disrupted ‘business as usual’. The question is no longer Why Change but How to Adapt your business model, solutions, organization and leadership style for success in the future. During this inspiring session, Jennifer Vessels will share a Silicon Valley to Norway view […]