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NorHIT – Norwegian Society for Health Informatics

NorHIT was created December 16th, 2011. As the continuation of activity in the Norwegian Society for Health Informatics (started in 1972) we seek to advance sharing of achievements in the area of health care development and deployment of Information Technology.

Our mission is to contribute to

  • Host seminars, open meetings, and competency development programs to disseminate health informatics experiences, information and knowledge. The arenas can also be annual national, Nordic or international symposiums and conferences
POLICY making:
  • Users, health care institutions, health care policy makers and agencies listen to us for development and deployment of IT in health care
  • Disseminate knowledge and experiences about IT design, implementation and deployment in health care that contributes to informed development of new services
  • Collaborate with other groups and communities under the umbrella of the Norwegian Computer Society ( to expand the activities in the area of health informatics.
  • Membership and participation in European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI) and International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA)