This is a fun, lively and energetic talk covering the 10 behaviours of effective testers. When Rob was tasked with scaling a tech team 100% year on year he wondered how to keep the bar high and ensure a
positive and exciting culture took hold. Instead of relying on competency framework, job descriptions and recruiters, Rob set out to understand what made a great tester. He deconstructed the behaviours of
effective testers and presents these in this talk. 

These 10 behaviours are relevant no matter your experience in testing or what you’re trying to do in your work. Culture is the sum of behaviours, so it pays to learn the behaviours that help lead to agility,
collaboration, career growth and a positive work culture. It’s all in here and Rob will present these in his usual laid back but energetic style. Not only will you learn the 10 behaviours of effective testers, but
you’ll also learn how bad Rob is at getting words to rhyme, why leaders create many of the problems we face every day and how he got into a little trouble in a bar. There’s freebies, fun stories, interactive
entertainment and valuable lessons you can apply in your own work as a tester straight away. 

Rob Lambert, Cultivated Management
Rob started his career as a Tester, then an Engineering Manager, then a VP of HR and now as a Director of his own company, Cultivated Management. He teaches via weekly YouTube videos, books, from the stage and through coaching and consulting. Rob also publishes a weekly newsletter called “The Manager”, and teaches an award winning communication workshop, which is now online and available to all.

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