Have you ever spent hours on perfecting a UI, only to have it break in subtle ways by later regressions? Small details like positioning, borders and colours might get changed in subtle ways, and gradually get out of control. With automated visual regression testing, you’ll catch all these kinds of issues, reducing tedious and error-prone manual testing.

What a participant will get out of my presentation:

  • Get to know about what visual regression testing is
  • Understand the basics through a hands-on demonstration using web browser-based end-to-end tests and Percy
  • When to use these kinds of tests; where it saves time and improves software robustness

Audun Wigum Arbo, Busy  

When not coding new features at Busy, Audun uses his time to find new ways of improving developer productivity. Automation of builds and deploys, manual testing, code quality checks and reviews are only some of the interesting topics that he deals with on an everyday basis.

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