Simplify your testing and make a better day

The deadline for submitting entries is 08.05.2022

Date and place for the conference: Thursday, September 22, 2022 at Radisson Blu Scandinavia hotel, Oslo

Over time software testing has evolved in steps with technological development on several fronts.
For example: new solution architecture, operating platforms and development processes to mention some.
This evolvement has resulted in quite a few new approaches within the testing area and equivalently you have seen new tools emerge. Still the main target for testing is being able to secure good quality for our IT-solutions.
This year’s Odin will therefore explore practical solutions with the use of varied test approaches to secure the necessary quality in different contexts. We want to hear about simple, smart, and efficient ways to achieve the main goal of testing.

See list below for suggestions and inspiration, but remember this list is not exhaustive:

  • Test automation – themes around cost benefit, considerations of the test pyramid, API vs GUI test, good test automation guidelines for easy/good maintenance, etc
  • Non-functional test – e.g. performance-, safety-, stability-testing, How to test or verify all nonfunctional requirements ….
  • Different test techniques like exploratory testing, session based-, risk based-, model based- testing and others
  • Test configuration – How to handle challenges connected to test environments, (synthetic) test data, testing tools, configuration management.
  • Technology – experience regarding borderline testing between AI/ML, Intelligent automation, VR/AR, Cloud, Big Data etc….
  • Universal design – compliance and testing of WCAG2.0, other compliance requirements
  • Data security and privacy, Schrems ll, GDPR, …
  • Organization of test – Are testers still able to be the needed link in projects? Do we need new organizational forms for distributed teams? What is test (roles and tasks) in product oriented cross functional autonomous teams with frequent deliveries?
  • Process – Test activities in context of work processes, e.g. Agile, DevOps, Lean, SAFe in interaction with practices like Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment etc

Don’t hesitate to send in your submission even though the message in your story has not been mentioned in the list above.
We want to hear YOUR story.

The submissions will be assessed, and you will be notified whether your contribution is accepted or not as soon as we put the program together.

You can submit for a lightning talk 8-10 min or a track talk 30 min.

Odin program committee

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