Call for presentation:
Test conference Odin 2023
«Testing for better or for worse»

The deadline for submitting the contributions is 16 April 2023

Time: Tuesday 19 September 2023
Location: Radisson Blu Scandinavia hotel

As everything else in life, testing involves/consists of good and bad periods. No two days are alike when you are working with test. We can all experience resistance in the form of slowness, lack of test data, hard/short deadlines and prioritites. How do we deal with them? This year’s Odin will highlight just this. Perhaps you have one or more tricks up your sleeve to make a bad test day into an awesome test day? Can we learn to enjoy the good days so that we are prepared for the bad ones?
Throughout the years many of you have shared your experience, success stories, and also the ones not so successful, from the scene at the Odin conference. This year we would love to hear about simple, smart and efficient ways to achieve testing’s inevitable main goal.
Themes can be from the list below, but this is by far not exhaustive

1. Organisation and management:
Product orientation, autonomy / cross border/interdisiplinary team
Methodology and process

2. Automation:
Contract testing/ Pack Testing

3. Human collaboration
Psychological security, collaboration

4. Intelligent, effective and efficient testing:
Intelligent co-testing

Do not hesitate to submit your contribution, even if the message you want to tell is not mentioned in the list above.

We want to hear YOUR story!

The deadline for submitting the contributions is 16 April 2023

The contributions will be assessed and you will be notified whether your contribution is accepted or not, as soon as we have put together the programme. This year we want contributions in both English and Norwegian.

Note that presentations can be in the format of:

  • lightning talks in 8-10 min
  • presentation of 30 min

Odin – program committee

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  • What kind of experience should one have to benefit from your presentation?
  • About you

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  • Short presentation of you, what you work with and professional background.
  • Add other links that may be relevant to the program committee.
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