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Workshop med Fran O’Hara 17. september

Tid: Tirsdag 17. september kl. 09.00. Registrering og kaffe fra kl. 08.30.
Sted: Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Holbergs gate 30, Oslo.

Fran O’Hara er Opening Keynote på Testkonferansen ODIN 18. september. I den forbindelse vil han holde en heldags workshop den 17. september.
Kursspråket er på engelsk.

Smarter Agile Testing in your Context

Industry surveys and anecdotal experience point to a huge variety of contexts in agile development today. These include Scrum, Extreme Programming, Lean & Kanban and DevOps. A lot of discussion focuses on the ‘right way’ to implement these methods/frameworks and practices. The reality though is that many organisations struggle with their implementation of these approaches. Some teams also have to interact with other teams using waterfall or indeed with management driving a rigid plan-driven approach. Furthermore, a significant number of teams and organisations are using more than one of these approaches or creating hybrids to suit their context. Examples include using a flow-based approach such as Kanban being combined with Scrum in a DevOps environment.

Using more than one of these or creating hybrids can deliver many benefits. However, we are at risk of ineffective behaviours when they are poorly, inappropriately or partially implemented. Of particular concern is the test approach used by organisations and their teams in these situations. How can testing fit with potentially conflicting demands of a hybrid?

This tutorial will shed light on the key elements of the main methods/frameworks with a particular emphasis on the quality and test related aspects. It will then cover common pitfalls and challenges encountered in their implementation and when used in combination with each other or indeed with existing waterfall approaches. A key focus will be how to tailor your test approach to your context to achieve success with smarter testing and how you as a tester can maximise your contribution to deliver value.

Examples include:

  • Common Scrum issues impacting quality and test
  • How focusing on value flow in Lean/Kanban impacts test approach
  • Testing in a DevOps environment and how this is affected by Scrum and Kanban
  • Examples of test approach variations for the scenarios outlined above
  • Integrating testing into the development lifecycle
  • Defect prevention
  • Risk-based testing in agile

Fran provides practical insights and concrete solutions from his real-world experiences of numerous organisations. Team exercises will be used to elicit participant experiences/stories and the challenges being experienced. These directly address practical challenges, and help you plan and improve your agile test approach to test smarter. Workshop teams will feed back their key discussion points to enhance group understanding, leaving you prepared for the variety of issues you may face in practice when you return to work.

Key Takeaways:

1. Understanding the key elements and practices with the most commonly used methods and frameworks in agile.
2. Developing insights into implementation challenges impacting quality and test when these are used individually or in combination with each other.
3. Developing suggested solutions to the real-world issues being encountered by you and other participants now or potentially in the future as your context evolves.


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