1. What is like to write a book about testing to children (and adults)
I wrote a fantasy book Dragons Out that teaches software testing to
children. This book has opened new avenues to get people interested
in software testing much earlier than anyone has previously tried to do.
There is also my Creative Commons licensed PowerPoint «Dragon Lesson
in Software Testing». I will explain how the book project went and where it
is today.

2. How children learn software testing?
I’ve run a questionnaire to teachers about what kind of learning approach
has worked best for students of different ages. The biggest interest has
been in age groups 10-15. The usual combination of learning has been
drawing exercises, listening or reading testing content, understanding
through the power of analogies between fantasy and software testing,
and exploratory testing.

3. What adults can learn about how children learn?
I’ll extrapolate learnings from how children learn into what that can mean to
learning of software testing in general. I’ll make the session interactive by
engaging the users into a brief exploratory testing exercise, much liked by
the students.

Mr. Kari Kakkonen has M.Sc. in from Aalto University (aalto.fi). He has also studied in
University of Wisconsin-Madison (wisc.edu) in United States. He has ISTQB Expert Level
Test Management Full, Agile Tester, Test Automation Engineer, Scrum Master, SAFe and
DASA DevOps certificates, and works mostly with agile testing, lean, test automation,
DevOps and AI. He has in testing since 1996.

Kari Kakkonen is author and CEO of Dragons Out Oy, creating a fantasy book to teach
software testing to children. Kari Kakkonen is working in Finland at Knowit (knowit.fi),
which is a Nordic ICT services company known for testing consultancy and software
development, and other innovative ICT related services.

Kari is Treasurer of Finnish Software Testing Board FiSTB (fistb.fi), ISTQB Executive committee
2015-2021. TMMi, Board of Directors. Kari has been included in IT–magazine “Tivi” 100 most
influential people listing. Kari is co-author of Agile Testing Foundations –book.

Kari is a singer, snowboarder, kayaker, husband and dad.

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