Knowledge is rooted in testing and experience, but testing the value of software is problematic as testing in itself can only prove the existence of bugs. Current approaches are thus unsatisfactory.
I will introduce Kant’s philosophy and demonstrates how it can help us elevate testing using the human capacity to judge qualitatively.
It will be suggested how value, quality and meaning of software systems can be tested, explored, and expressed in absolute terms shared between testers, developers, and their stakeholders.

Anders Dinsen, Senior Test Manager, KMD AS

I drive learning and development testing and managing testing of complex SAP systems at KMD A/S, one of Denmarks largest IT vendors. I coach and lead developers and testers in agile, waterfall, and hybrid contexts. I am critically minded and enjoys the short power-distances part of Nordic organizational culture as it enables effective influencing management and driving quality for people who matter. I have more than 25 years of experience working with software engineering as a leader, tester, developer, manager, facilitator, and coach.

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