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This year’s theme is «Explore the Possibilities» but we are welcoming other suggestions.


For several years we have been hearing about new opportunities. Synthetic data become richer and more realistic, Machine learning is becoming more mature and is being used in new areas. We try out new tools, and reject others. This is one side of the matter: All the new opportunities that are opening up.

The other side is more test related. Tests in rigid test procedures are automated away. We use test techniques to streamline manual tasks and thus have more time for exploratory tests. The automation must be driven further down the pyramid, you need a shorter path to production and you monitor production more closely. What lessons do you learn and what opportunities are revealed? These are among the things we hope to hear more about at Odin 2020.

What opportunities have you seized, and which do you see?
Here are some examples of topics we would like to hear about:

  • New approach to testing
  • Use of test techniques
  • Technical testing – such as test automation, performance testing and security testing
  • Test Configuration – Handling Challenges Related to Test Environments, Test Data, Test Tools, and Configuration Management
  • Technology – Experience with testing in the border area between AI / ML, Intelligent Automation, VR / AR, Cloud, BigData and more
  • Organization and organizational development
  • Process – test activities in the context of work processes, such as Agile, DevOps, Lean in collaboration with practices such as Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment.

Do not hesitate to submit your contribution even if the message in your story is not mentioned in the list above. We want to hear YOUR story. Use the form below.

The deadline for submitting the contributions is 31. July.
Contributions are assessed and you will be notified if your contribution is accepted or not as soon as we have put together the program.

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  • 45 minutes
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