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Beskrivelse av bidraget:
Skatteetaten, like many other organizations, has invested in generating synthetic test data to support its testing activities. The test data need to be rich enough to provide support for a wide variety of scenarios and enable high test coverage. In this talk, we investigate the preparation of rich synthetic test data from two perspectives that stem from differences in the intended use cases. On the one hand we need test data internally to fuel our testing activities. On the other, and within the project for modernizing the Norwegian Population Registry, we need to generate test data for our external partners to enable integration testing across interacting organizations.

In this talk we will explain
1 How we develop a domain specific language for specifying test data, and use it to simplify and improve the practice of testing at Skatteetaten.
2 Given the test data specification, how we further enrich the test data by sampling additional details from a synthetic but statistically representative population.
3 And, how we use machine learning techniques to build a synthetic population, statistically representative of the real one.

Lengde på foredrag: 45 min

Technologists, arbiters and GDPR Managers

Kunnskapsnivå: Litt kjennskap



Ronny Mandal, Senior Test Engineer, Testify
Ronny Mandal is a Senior Test Engineer at Testify. He is currently working as a test developer at Skatteetaten. He is also a full stack Java developer and a specialist in machine learning. He has proven that by contributed to finding solutions in the field of quality assurance which encompasses utilisation of deep learning.

Razieh Behjati, senior consultant, Testify
Razieh is a senior consultant at Testify, and the company’s CTO. In addition, she leads the Testify Machine Learning group. Currently she is working on the project for Modernizing the Norwegian Population Registry, where her focus is on developing a synthetic population intended for facilitating testing activities. She has a PhD in Software Engineering from University of Oslo and Simula Research Laboratory.

Jeanette Horn, Teamleder, Testsenteret i Skatteetatens IT-divisjon
Jeanette Horn er ansatt i Testsenteret i Skatteetatens IT-divisjon som teamleder. Nå er hun prosjektleder for prosjektet Rike syntetiske testdata. Jeanette er utdannet Sivilingeniør i Informatikk ved Universitetet i Oslo.

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