Vi er så heldige å få Rob Lambert til årets Odin! Han er en strålende foredragsholder og inspirator.

I år åpnet han blant annet EuroSTAR med sin Key Note: «Moving to Frequent Releases – the 10 Communication Principles that Support Rapid Change».

Opplever du at du ikke blir hørt i ditt testprosjekt? Nå kan du delta på workshopen som vil hjelpe deg å utvikle SUPERKOMMUNIKASJONSKREFTER!

24. november | 09.00-14.00 inkludert lunsj | Delta på både workshop og konferansen – få kr 1000,- i rabatt

Rob Lambert til Odin 2021 for workshop og keynote.

In the Super Power communication workshop, Rob Lambert will help you to develop the super power of good communication, so that you can:

  • Move people into action around your test approaches
  • Align people around ways of working
  • Deal with difficult conversations
  • Promote and sell your amazing ideas
  • Overcome many of the obstacles we face in our day to day work as a tester

He will cover the science of communication, why empathy and embracing diversity is good for teams (and business) and how communication principles underpin everything we do at work. Rob will explore how to develop the ability to understand other people’s communication styles so you can move closer to them; this is the sweet spot where effective communication, collaboration, cooperation and coordination happens. 

Whether you’re facing challenges bringing about new ways of testing, struggling to resonate with execs and team mates or simply want to know how to present your ideas with more clarity - Rob will help you with this. 

Rob will walk through the science of communication, why it’s important to understand our own preferences for communication, why moving to others is the key, how to present, how to write more clearly, why listening is the greatest compliment and why it’s important to be enthusiastic about our work. 

This workshop is designed for anyone facing communication challenges in their work, lives or careers. Throughout the course Rob will weave in stories of when he was a tester and answer the many questions you may have about testing, DevOps, culture change and more. No matter your role in the world of building software, this course is for you. 

Rob Lambert, Cultivated Management
Rob started his career as a Tester, then an Engineering Manager, then a VP of HR and now as a Director of his own company, Cultivated Management. He teaches via weekly YouTube videos, books, from the stage and through coaching and consulting. Rob also publishes a weekly newsletter called «The Manager», and teaches an award winning communication workshop, which is now online and available to all.

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