This is a talk about embarrassment. The embarrassment that happens when you’ve spent months on requirements and design, on coding and configuration, you’ve got plans, processes and people – and you’ve still got nothing working well-enough to test!

James Lindsey, Workroom Productions Ltd.

James is an European Tester Excellence Award winner, 2015. Keynote speaker at many international testing conferences. Championing hands-on learning, Bart Knaack changed those conferences by building and running interactive TestLabs. Convenor/facilitator and participant in peer workshops. Built the Black Box Puzzles and several other toys for testers. Author of a wide range of papers and articles on software testing – especially exploratory testing (including several ‘Best Paper’ awards).

Testing (from 1986), contractor (from 1994), independent consultant since 2001. Working in telecoms, banking, logistics, retail and more – in organisations ranging from start-ups to critical national infrastructure. An effective coach, manager and implementer.

Teaching (from 2002): developed and delivered tutorials to corporate clients (including Google, Adobe, Oracle, eBay, GE, Nokia, BBC). Regular public workshops in the US and Europe. Core workshop is Getting a Grip on Exploratory Testing, with extensions to management and strategy, data and diagnosis. Conference tutorials featured at EuroSTAR, CAST, ATD, STAREast/West, Let’sTest and more.

Mentoring (from 2003): I’ve mentored dozens speakers towards finding their voice and sharing their experiences at large industry events. Companies and consultancies engage me to help test managers to grow into their roles. In 2020/21, I took on a fully-remote role with QA Consulting to mentor a gang of 10 newly-trained SDETs at a major UK institution, helping them to engage the client and to add value across 7 large projects.

Workroom Productions is a one-person consultancy, with multiple simultaneous clients. This flexibility enables me to meet clients’ strategic needs and allows long-term involvement without your full-time commitment.

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