Jonathan MacDonald er en av de fremste foredragsholderne i verden og som Google, Apple, Nestlé, IKEA, P&G og Unilever går til når de trenger råd og hjelp.

Han er en verdenskjent foredragsholder, forfatter, rådgiver og en av de viktigste bidragsyterne til nye og innovative ledelsesplattformer, bl.a. Googles Think Insights.  Han er ansett som en av de beste TedX-foredragsholderne gjennom tidene. Han hjelper bl.a. Google, Apple, Nestlé, IKEA, P&G og Unilever til å se nye potensialer i teknologier, hvordan realisere dem og hvordan forberede selskaper for kontinuerlige endringer i arbeidsmåter og lederskap.

Som Main Keynote på Rosing vil Jonathan gi oss unik en innsikt og nytenkning for mer effektiv å maksimere fremtidige muligheter innenfor et miljø av evigvarende endring og usikkerhet.

Du finner Jonathans siste bøker I tillegg er han initiativtager og ansvarlig for “Thought Expansion Network (TEN)”.

Jonathan MacDonald is a world-renowned speaker who unlocks unique insights and new thinking for any audience that would benefit from a better mindset and more effective tools to maximise future opportunities within an environment of perpetual change and uncertainty.

Jonathan expands thought around the potential of technology, the shaping of society and the realities of business, all of which are constantly influenced by fast-paced, relentless change. This thought expansion inspires a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities, enabling people to utilise that knowledge to explore what the future could look like, and whether they are building one they want to live in.

Over the last decade, he has spoken at leading industry conferences and events, to audiences from the largest companies around the globe and on numerous TEDx platforms, landing these business-critical messages through his impactful delivery style and highly engaging personal charisma.

As an adviser, he is one of the few people that businesses including Google, Apple, P&G, Unilever, Nestlé and IKEA trust to challenge their thinking and provide new perspectives and avenues of thought.

… om Jonathan MacDonald:

“There are not many that have the same vision, passion and amazing ideas like Jonathan has. He sees things that others can’t see, a true digital change agent”
– Khurram Hamid, Global Director Digital Media at GlaxoSmithKline

“Jonathan made a great impression on us. He has an absolute world class unique talent, combining vision, strategy and challenge which along with his lovely sense of humour is incredibly effective.”
– Jesper Brodin, CEO – IKEA of Sweden.

“Jonathan is one of those rare people who are so good at what they do that to judge others by the same standard borders on being unreasonable. Some people think outside the box, Jonathan thinks outside the warehouse. He is an outstanding strategic thinker, able to zero in on what matters immediately”
− Christopher Billich, Senior Expert Strategy – Digital Media at Deutsche Telekom

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