PS2000 AGILE Complete (4 contracts combined)

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– PS2000 AGILE –
a contract standard that is based on iterative project implementation and is therefore considered by many to be the contract standard that can best be combined with flexible methods. Flexible methods are increasingly used in system development projects in both the private and public sectors. The contract can be purchased individually.
PS2000 Introduction v3.1S

– Contract standard for IT Operations –
The operating agreement is a contract standard primarily focused on for IT operation of software. The contract can be purchased individually.
IT Operations Services Contract Introduction v2.0

– Framework Agreement –
This is suitable for further development of software that has been put into production. The scope of the development services will vary, and are therefore carried out as different assignments as needed. There are no purchase obligations in the agreement. The framework agreement is sold together with the Maintenance Contract in the Management Agreement.
Framework Agreement Introduction v2

– Maintenance contract –
This regulates services related to clean maintenance such as error correction, user support, preventive maintenance and so on. The maintenance contract is sold together with the Framework Agreement in the Management Agreement
Maintenance Contract Introduction v2

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