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How Confident are You?

«Confidence is good, testing is better!» we always said. However in Agile environments it is being promoted that we need to have confidence. But how do we gain confidence? Confidence in individuals, in the team and in the quality of the product? During this interactive fun presentation / quiz, I’ll play shortly 24 music videos. Based on the song title I’ll give over 20 tips and hints on how the Human and Quality Driven elements «People», «Industrialize», «Integrate» and «Simplify» will lead to the fifth element «Confidence». These tips and hints are based on my experiences as an Agile consultant and Agile trainer in the past seven years. In that period of time I have seen over 300 Agile teams. Not only in the Netherlands but also in many other countries. So, although a relaxed session, there is certainly a serious undertone. And, oh yeah, with a bottle of wine for the one who knows the most singers!

☺ (For the quiz we’ll use “Kahoot!”. Please bring your laptop, tablet or smart phone with you.)

Leo van der Aalst, Professor Software Quality at Fontys University Agile Consultant at Sogeti Netherlands

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