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Agile Leadership Lessons

Main Statement:
Successful Agile companies and Richard Branson embrace seven specific principles for their competitive edge. And it feels good too.

While coaching Agile organizations I have discerned specific principles that truly successful companies embrace. A student for life, I continue to learn about and understand success and the leadership that allows it to unfold. I learn inside and outside of Agile software communities so I can help my clients improve their competitive edge.

So I geeked out when I was able to see Sir Richard Branson speak — live and in-person, in the same room as me! — at an event in early 2015. I was excited to hear his insights on leadership and what gives him his competitive edge. The epitome of leadership genius, he has built an empire of successful businesses by doing things differently. You won’t find traditional, old-school management approaches in his toolkit. He follows his heart, risks failure, challenges status quo, and is Agile to his core.

As I listened to Mr. Branson speak, I learned that his success and that of the Virgin Group are built upon the same specific principles I recognized. … and they are exactly what Agile was based upon! In this talk I share my real-life lessons in Agile leadership alongside what I learned from Sir Richard Branson himself — seven specific principles that gives any company a truly competitive edge.

Key Learnings

Specific things that highly successful Agile organizations are doing really well.
Leadership insights from Sir Richard Branson that Agile was founded upon.
How embracing the right foundational Agile elements will transform the way you work for the better.
Seven key principles that give any individual, team, and company a truly competitive edge.
It really is all about the people.

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