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Practical test process improvement – one step at the time

Research shows that roughly 10% of the time used for process improvement is used for creating the test process… 90% is used on implementing it. In spite of that many organizations put all their focus on how to DEFINE the process, not so much on how to roll it out to the organization.

In this presentation Gitte Ottosen will take you on a journey she has taken with a large public IT organization in Denmark, a journey that involved the people who should own the process right from day one, and focused on improving the process in small steps –ensuring that each step is accepted in the organization before moving on. The journey started with the identification of the current process and its challenges during a brown paper session, followed by identification of a backlog of tasks to implement, prioritization of the stuff to improve and finally a constant focus on involvement and ownership.

Key points of this presentation

  • Lightweight approach to identification of current process
  • Visualization of process over comprehensive documentation
  • How to eat an elephant – implementation in small steps.
  • Ensuring ownership – ensuring that the process will find roots in the organization.
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