IT Operation Services Contract

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The purpose of the Service Operations Contract is to regulate the parties’ obligations and entitlements in connection with IT Operations Services, hereinafter termed Operations Services, which the Supplier shall perform for the Customer.
The Service Operations Contract is based on the same concepts as the PS 2000 Standard Contract.

The contract consists of three parts: The terms Customer and Supplier are defined in the Contract Document (Part I), which also states duration and the order of priority of Part I, Part II and the annexes in Part III.

The General Provisions are stipulated in (Part II). A list of key terms is provided at the end of these General Provisions. In the Service Operations Contract, key terms are written with upper case first characters. Further specifications are referred to the annexes in Part III.
The specific terms and conditions related to the Operations Services are described in the Annexes to the Service Operations Contract (Part III). The annexes include proposals for text to be used for specifying the Operation Services.